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We Are Movers at Heart!

As Abbotsford Movers, our job is to be there when our customers are faced with the difficult task of moving their belongings. Contact us for any advice or help you may need throughout the process of your move.

After 25 years as Abbotsford and Chilliwack’s most trusted movers, we know the ins and outs of every type of move. We’ve mastered the fine art of getting a couch through a doorway and talking new homeowners through their most stressful moments. We can help you pack boxes and assemble furniture, or we can simply get your boxes from Point A to Point B. No matter how big or small your move, we’ll always treat your items with care and respect.

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Moving Services

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Corporate/Office Moves

Our work is important to us, and so is yours. We move
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Condo & Apartment Moves

No storey is too high for our movers. We’ve learned all the
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Household Moves

We know a new house doesn’t really feel like yours until you
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We offer so much MORE

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We can help you pack

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Need income assistance for your move?

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We offer supplies

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Why Choose Us

We Have 25 Years Of Experience Give You Better Results

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Free Estimate

Take away budgeting uncertainties with a free moving quote, available for local and long-distance moves.

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24/7 Services

We are always available to help and answer to your inquiries

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Affordable Prices

Moving on a shoestring? Give us a call and we’ll help figure out the cheapest option for your move.

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Our Moving Tips

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It’s tempting to go to your local grocery store and try to score some boxes for free. However, moving boxes are relatively inexpensive, and the added durability can be worth the cost in the end.

One mistake a lot of people make when moving is trying to cram all of their belongings into a few cardboard boxes they have around the house. Use as many boxes as you need to create easy-to-lift loads. Keep your largest boxes to no more than 50 pounds.

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Create a moving checklist and budget

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First, draft a moving checklist that includes a timeline. Everyone’s timeline will look different depending on how much notice is given before the move. Some people will have two months and others might have two weeks. Next, include a realistic moving budget.

By visually organizing your move, you can keep a handle on events as they unfold. Not sure where to start? Print out our comprehensive moving checklist and put it inside a designated moving binder.

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Declutter so you can pack less

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A crucial packing tip is making sure you don’t move anything that you no longer need. Lighten your stress and workload by decluttering before you enter the packing stage, which means figuring out what to toss, keep, sell, or donate.

Take measurements of your new home and get rid of any furniture that won’t fit or you know you won’t use.

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Give each room a different color packing label

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To stay organized, print off multi-colored packing labels or use different colored masking tape and give each room its own color. Label the contents of each box and include the room it belongs in. Then in your new place, use colored tape to mark entrances to rooms.

This moving tip will save movers a ton of time. Instead of needing to read the label explicitly or play the room guessing game, they can just match color to color.

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Take apart all of your furniture in advance

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As one of the top-rated moving companies, Two Small Men With Big Hearts Movers has the experience and skills to help you during your move. While we can disassemble some furniture, as professionals we highly suggest you take apart and put together the items yourself.

Of course, if you don’t want to go through the hassle, you should contact us directly to ask about our services. We can work together to find the best solution to make your moving day as stress-free as possible.

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How Does Moving Work

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01. Book Our Service

Contact our Customer Service Desk at 604-850-2555

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02. Get An Estimate

Run through the list of items that you have to move

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03. We Move Your Goods

Sit back and watch our guys go to work

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04. We Deliver

Enjoy your new home/office with your belongings safely delivered

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    Make Your Next Move A Wonderful Experience
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